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Exploring the beauty of  mundane life

MYYS is a candle studio based in Karjaa, Finland. The winter can be long here, leading to a lot of time spend inside. We are inspired by life indoors, and aim to make home a lovely nest, a protective shelter for a peaceful, self-assured life. In 2020, we began making objects that we want to use on a daily basis. Simple and essential for home.

‘ We wanted to have products that is easy and comfortable to be around with everyday at home.‘ 

‘ Through simple objects we want to bring the focus to the beauty of everyday life. Add the right amount of extra and make your ordinary moment a little bit more special.’

MYYS formulates scent like Mökki, meaning summer cottage in Finnish language, a compilation of smoke and leather, a leather scent with an extra Finnish touch. Lighted up memories of mökki, release tranquility.

Night Enhancer, a beautiful combination of tuberose, white tea and soft wood, wrapped in elegant softness. Freshen up the long gloom nights.

MYYS candles materials are sourced from Finland and Europe, handpicked for their quality and durability. Each candle is developed and crafted in the cozy studio in Inkoo, Finland with fragrance, natural oils, and all-natural soy wax. Candles are poured in small batches in a reusable glass container and finally hand labeled.