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Candle Care For Your Scented Soy Wax Candle

Proper burn

It is essential to trim your wick before each burn! The wick should be trimmed to 5-7mm each time before lighting. We recommend you burn 4-5 hours for each burn. This will ensure you the best  candle performance.

Do not allow your candle to burn too long without trimming the wicks. Because if a wick gets too long, it can not draw wax all the way up to the top of the wick and the wick itself will start to burn, rather than the wax. Therefore, you are not going to get the best burn performance from your candle.

Burn time

The burning time of each of our candles is roughly 50 hours.

Clean up

Soy wax can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water if you spill your candle wax accidentally. This is also why our containers are made to be cleaned up easily after the final burn. And can be re-used in any way you may like.

Candle Care For Your Beeswax Candle

If you encountered carbon balls problems with your beeswax candles. Please check the solution here.

Tips for candle safety

  • Always keep a burning candle within sight.
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep.
  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations and so on
  • Be sure the candle is placed on a stable surface. This will also help prevent possible heat damage to counters and table surfaces and prevent glass containers from cracking or breaking.
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.
  • Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, ceiling fans and air currents. This will help prevent rapid, uneven burning, and avoid flame flare-ups and smokes. Drafts can also blow lightweight curtains or papers into the flame where they could catch fire.
  • Always have minimum 5mm wax at the bottom of the container if it is a container candle.