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Introducing Punainen

At MYYS we are excited to present our fourth scent: Punainen, a hand-poured vegan soy wax candle with a sophisticated aroma. 

This scent is curated to channel the memory of the brand’s studio. A 200 year old red log house, the home for MYYS during 2021-2023. The smell of this candle captures the energy and hospitality we found inspiring during that period of time.

Punainen soy wax candle encapsulates the beauty and harmony of living in a red old classic Nordic house. Punainen means red in the Finnish language.

This soy wax candle is formulated with rich natural oils to provide a warm and welcoming ambiance for any room in the home. As you burn Punainen soy wax candle, your space will be enveloped in the aroma of spice, raspberry, rose and wood notes. Burn this evocative candle in winter to elevate your home ambiance when it’s cold outside, or in summer for a momentary escape.

Like all MYYS candles, Punainen is made in small batches in the brand’s studio in Finland. The vegan soy wax is hand-poured into a reusable and recyclable glass vessel and packed in a fine art paper box with beautiful illustrations. These scented candles are perfect for gifting – or for elevating your own mood.

*A little fun tip: You might be able to find a hidden connection between Mökki and Punainen candles. These two candles are odes to two different spaces we like. Mökki was made during the time when MYYS studio was in Helsinki, and we dreamed about being in a classic Finnish cottage. Both candles are cosy, but in a different way. Scent of Mökki is more pungent, with nature and adventure closer to its essence. Punainen is made during our staying in a old house in Inkoo, and the scent diffuses a sweeter and stronger inviting vibe.